Too many times, children with learning differences are underestimated, marginalized, and misunderstood. Unless you personally know a child with dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or any other language-based or nonverbal learning disorders, you can't fully understand the pain he or she feels walking into a typical classroom and sitting down next to peers who do not struggle with learning disabilities.

However, if you are the parent of a child with learning differences, you know firsthand what a frustrating, heartbreaking, and lonely experience it can be. Your child may have tried numerous schools, without yet finding the right place for his or her needs.

Here at Bachman Academy, our teachers and school leaders adjust to the student's needs, not the other way around. Our approach is empowering and transformative; we know that our students can learn -- they just learn differently!

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Mark Frizzell, M.Ed.

Mr. Frizzell has spent more than 20 years serving those with learning disabilities. After a tenure at the Orange Grove Center in Chattanooga, a nonprofit offering day, residential, and in-home programs, he joined Bachman Academy in 2006. With a B.S. in health education from Tennessee Wesleyan University and M.A. in educational leadership from Trevecca University, Mr. Frizzell provides steady, positive guidance for our students and staff.



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