What Are Others Saying About Bachman Academy?

From a Parent via GreatSchools.org

My son has been here for nearly a year. He is thriving academically, socially, and emotionally. He has normal intelligence and slow processing ability. The teachers are brilliant at engaging him at an appropriate pace. The staff is warm and professional - and extremely knowledgeable. Bachman is a school that tries to "fit" each student individually while at the same time helping each student understand what it means to part of the greater community.

A Worried Mom

 “I am writing to let you know what a difference attending Bachman Academy has made in the life of my son. He was diagnosed with OCD, Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia at age seven. School and social situations were always difficult to navigate.

He missed out on basic childhood experiences like having friends or feeling proud of first accomplishments. His life was filled with anxiety and confusion from not understanding what comes easily to other kids. As bad as his academic experience had been, his social experience was worse and became unbearable for him. He had food thrown at him in the cafeteria and was called “fag” and “retard.” Someone even convinced him to rub poison ivy on his face. These experiences made him do anything and everything to avoid going to school.

Despite meeting with the school, the situations continued. He began to act out violently at home. Afterwards he would cry and beg me not to make him go back. He began to talk about wanting to die. One day he begged me to shoot him so he could go to heaven and not do this anymore.

Then he started school at Bachman. The change in my son is miraculous! He consistently gets A’s and B’s. He has lost weight, thanks to the walks and activity between and during classes.  His psychiatric and behavioral issues have improved due to decreased anxiety, purpose and happiness. He has friends now, and comes home and talks about them.

There is no question in my mind that my son has a future! I have no doubt that attending Bachman Academy saved my son’s life. Thank you for working to help kids like my son to have a place to learn free of bullying and ignorance – a place to grow and thrive.

Mom of a student entering 10th grade

Looking Back . . . Best Decision Ever!

Enrolling Alexis at Bachman Academy was the best decision we could have made for the last three years of her high school education. Being so far away form home and family, it was very important for us to feel she was safe and loved.

Therapeutic schools are prevalent, but to find a school dedicated to providing an alternative learning curriculum for good kids with special needs is not easy. I hope Bachman will continue to grow, providing a caring environment for quality education to those children with different learning needs.

Barbara E. Bates
Mother of Alexis, Class of 2014

A Restored Love of Learning

Our daughter, Dana...has come a long way since her first year at Bachman. Dana has more self-confidence, is not afraid to try new things and she has discovered a love of learning. With Bachman's teaching techniques and caring staff, Dana is thriving both socially and educationally. That is something that we were unable to find at other schools.

With enthusiasm and excitement the teachers have helped our Dana discover for herself a love for reading, writing and history. Dana is maintaining excellent grades in an environment that helps her learn the way she learns. She even commented last week that she “likes math now.” Dana also told us recently, “I love it at Bachman, they teach me in a way that I can understand and learn.” We are confident that Bachman will prepare Dana for college or any life venture she decides to pursue.

Mary Hoppe
Mother of Dana Hoppe, Class of 2013

The Right School For My Child

Within a very short period of time, it became clear to us that Stephen was finally at the right school for him...We feel that everyone at Bachman has come to understand far more about Stephen than any educational or therapeutic staff has up to this point in his life. Stephen has always been fortunate to have many caring educators and administrators in the various academic stops that he has made to date. Bachman, however, has provided the best combination of teaching acumen and nurturing care and attention that Stephen has needed.

Brian & Judy Paras
Parents of Stephen Paras, Class of 2010

 A Unique Learning Style

Upon entering High School, we found we now had to concentrate on [Elizabeth's] educational requirements and provide for emerging social and emotional needs. In Elizabeth's case, that meant finding a boarding school that would meet her educational profile and support her in maturing and developing into an adult.

Bachman Academy has been able to accommodate Elizabeth's unique learning style, and guide her as she matures into a young lady with new found confidence.

Speaking as her mother, for the first time in this journey with Elizabeth, Bachman Academy has given me a sense of well-being that Elizabeth will indeed be able to achieve and live a fulfilling independent life.

Pamela Klecha
Mother of Elizabeth, Class of 2010

A Learning Difference Is Not A Behavioral Disorder

When Grace was in elementary school they put her in the wrong kind of special needs class. It was a class for behavior disorders, and she went through that all the way through Middle School. It was awful for her. She was picked on and became very sensitive.

We tried mainstream high school and that was even worse. When there would be a holiday or break, she would break down just thinking about having to go back. So we tried a Christian day school. It was better there, but her individual needs still were not being met.

We started looking for another school for Grace. We had been looking for a year and a half when one of the other schools we looked at actually told us about Bachman Academy. When we went for a tour, Grace fell in love at first sight. She wasn't interested in seeing any other schools.

Grace is a different kid since coming to Bachman. She has real friends for the first time since the fourth grade. She even has a best friend now. She's more self-confident and more involved. She's allowed to be herself. During breaks, she even looks forward to returning to school.

It's not just the academics; Bachman has made so much difference socially. I wouldn't change a thing.

Lisa Beasley
Mother of Grace Beasley, Class of 2013

Navigating The Future Requires A Good Foundation

I graduated from Bachman in 2007 ... I am now the director at a rehabilitation facility for adults, and a youth group director for youth with mental and addiction issues. I look back at Bachman, at all the staff and teachers there that helped me become the man I am today, and I just want the chance to finally say thank you…for everything.

Jeremy Gold, Class of 2007

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