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Students who come to Bachman Academy often struggle in a traditional classroom setting due to learning differences. They may experience learning anxiety and frustration with academic failure year after year. Families work endlessly to help their child succeed sometimes to no avail.  At Bachman Academy we have created an environment where every student has the opportunity to learn and experience success in the classroom.

We believe that students with learning differences can succeed at Bachman Academy because we take steps to meet the needs of each student through:

  • Low teacher-student ratio (average 1:5)
  • Hands-on, experiential learning
  • One-on-one individualized support for the student with a learning difference
  • Specialized reading instruction for dyslexia, including decoding, encoding, comprehension, fluency, vocabulary development, and sight word recognition
  • Specialized math instruction for dyscalculia; in addition to advanced levels of Math
  • Career Focus Electives, including Auto Mechanics, Horticulture, Woodworking, and Horsemanship
  • Traditional Core Courses as required by the State of Tennessee

As your student successfully completes the Core Courses and Focus Electives with at least 22 credits, as required by the State of Tennessee, he or she will culminate the high school experience with graduation and the conferral of a high school diploma. That special moment is made possible through the family’s dedication, the student’s hard work, and Bachman’s commitment to tapping potential…one person at a time.

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