Intervention Support

Based on individual need, students work through research based programs that address:

  • Reading deficits in vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension
  • Math deficits in math reasoning, calculation, and processing
  • Life skills including counting money, telling time, calendaring, time management
  • Executive function skills including memory development, attention control, self-regulation skills

A certified Educational Therapist works individually with students by:

  • Scheduled brain training sessions with the approval of parents
  • The development of an Individual Learning Plan for each student
  • Individual student support in collaboration with teachers, parents, and dorm parents

The research-based programs that Bachman Academy uses for specific student needs are: 

  • Reading-Visualize/Verbalize, Wilson Reading, Reading RX
  • Math- On Cloud 9 Program
  • Social Skills- Social Smarts
  • Executive Functioning- Educational Therapy, Attention Process Training

Every student will be progress monitored to track individual progress through academic courses and intervention programming using:

  • Woodcock Achievement Test- Reading and Math
  • Kudor Testing- Aptitiude and Interest Inventories
  • Curriculum Based Measure (easyCBM)- Bi-weekly progress monitoring



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