Academics At A Glance


Our Educational Focus:
Many students who come to Bachman Academy tell the story of repeated struggles in school due to reading or math deficits, bullying, behavioral challenges, and social exclusion. Their families work endlessly to help them succeed sometimes to no avail. Despite all of the work, many students just give up due to the anxiety and frustration caused by going to school.

At Bachman Academy we work with the student to rewrite their story. We believe that school can be the some of the best years of life when their unique academic, social, and emotional needs are met. As our students walk to class on our picturesque, rural, 180+ acre campus, they experience a safe place to rewrite their stories. Each student works every day with the goal of graduating with a high school diploma, which is made possible through their family’s dedication, the student’s hard work, and Bachman’s commitment to tapping potential…one person at a time.


Our Instructional Core Principles:

Holistic - Academic instruction, Reading intervention, Math support, Social skills training, Personal development.

Intentional - We teach the student, then the subject. 

Student-centered - Differentiated instruction, individual attention.  

Safe environment - Life is our laboratory where students can feel safe to make mistakes while striving for success.

Our Instructional Practices:
    •    Low teacher-student ratio (average 1:5)
    •    Traditional Core Courses as required by the State of Tennessee
    •    Hands-on, experiential learning
    •    Wilson Reading and Visualize/Verbalize programs for dyslexia
    •    Specialized math instruction for dyscalculia; in addition to advanced levels of Math
    •    Career Focus Electives, including Auto Mechanics, Horticulture, Woodworking

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