Middle School English Language Arts
Students are trained in basic grammatical rules for clear writing and expression of thoughts and ideas. They read a variety of texts that are meant to encourage appreciation for reading, with practice comprehension and reading fluency.
Middle School Math
Math is preparatory for high school upper math. Instruction is individualized toward student needs. The topics will encompass a range of middle school mathematical concepts toward the final goal of preparing the student for high school level math.
Middle School Science
Hands-on, STEM projects are the focus of middle school science. Students engage in projects that require practice with working in teams, planning projects, and evaluating results by project deadlines. The projects are meant to train executive functioning and provide a basic introduction to the scientific inquiry process.
Middle School Social Studies
Students are exposed to U.S. history, world history, and Tennessee state history across the middle school years at Bachman Academy. They learn social studies using hands-on, experiential strategies in order to make concrete connections to prior knowledge.
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