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At Bachman Academy, our focus on independent learning means that EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING skills are paramount to success. Therefore, our vocational classes have an important DUAL PURPOSE. These classes not only expose our students to various vocational options,  but they also serve as a HANDS-ON, INTENSIVE LABORATORY for developing  PLANNING, PROBLEM-SOLVING, FOCUSING, SEQUENCING, and ORGANIZING skills. 




Horticulture - students will


       *  UNDERSTAND and PRIORITIZE the skills needed to succeed in horticulture

       *  PLAN and EXECUTE the farm-to-table PROCESS of raising fruits and vegetables on our campus

       *  PROBLEM-SOLVE issues such as plant disease or pest infestation

       *  LEARN CAUSE and EFFECT by adjusting hydration, sun/shade, and soil composition 

       *  SEQUENCE and PERFORM the STEPS involved in year-round lawn maintenance

       *  ORGANIZE and IMPLEMENT the fundraiser sale of our fall mums 


auto shop crewAuto Mechanics - students will:

* FOCUS on the safety rules involved auto shop equipment and lift

* FOLLOW PROCESS for performing maintenance tasks

* PROBLEM-SOLVE issues by using diagnostic sensors

* MEMORIZE components of all car systems  

* RESEARCH answers to issues using technical service manuals

* FOLLOW-THROUGH to find solutions to car issues   


Woodworking - students will: IMG 4022

     *  FOCUS ATTENTION on power tool safety rules

     *  PLAN projects by assessing materials and processes needed  

       *  FOLLOW PROCEDURES when using saws, drills, and other tools

     *  EXECUTE STEPS such as measuring, cutting, sanding, and joining

     *  FOLLOW-THROUGH with multi-step woodworking projects






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Assistive Technology:
Instructors use Smart Boards to make content visual by accessing Internet resources, creating presentations, and modeling skills for our students.

       * ELMO projectors help our teachers present the lessons, while they help our students stay focused on the activities and visualize the content.

Our students use the Kindle Reading Program to read popular e-books both independently and with residential staff.

Our math classes use the Calculator-Based Laboratory System for understanding numbers and the use of data.



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