Here at Bachman Academy, many students arrive on our campus feeling frustrated and lonely. Because school has been such a struggle for them, they have low self-esteem and doubt their abilities to learn. Many have also suffered social repercusssions, such as feeling bullied, left out, or embarrassed about their learning differences.

However, for many of them, their time at Bachman Academy is a TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE.

Our school is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee, providing a quiet and tranquil environment. In addition to an historic main administration hall, classroom buildings, and dormitories, our campus includes walking paths, a lake, a swimming pool, a greenhouse, and horses.

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At the end of their time here, our students graduate with pride in their accomplishments, surrounded by a group of supportive peers, their hearts filled with important lessons learned and memories of positive experiences.



At Bachman Academy, we take a holistic approach to learning. We want our students to grow intellectually, physically, and emotionally. There is much to learn about life beyond how to write an effective essay or how to solve algebraic equations. On 

our campus, students find the tools they need and practice skills in ALL AREAS OF LIFE, such as how to communicate effectively with others and how to self-advocate.

Our vision for our students is that, as INDEPENDENT LEARNERS, they will build:  

*   Self-condidence through physical achievement

*   Self-awareness through spiritual development

*   Self-sufficiency through intellectual growth



At Bachman Academy, our students work hard on their academics, but they work equally hard on developing their social skills, emotional maturity, and physical fitness. Surrounded by peers and experienced coaches, they learn how to tackle challenging problems, resolve conflicts, and set concrete goals.



Just like in the classroom, everything we do on campus--from recreational activities to daily chores to team sports--follow four guiding principles: 



At Bachman, there is a meaning behind every activity and group discussion. Each student has a plethora of opportunities to practice executive functioning skills, which includes learning how to prioritize tasks, figuring out how to deal with frustration, and solving problems.


Our students know what to expect each and every day. They understand and respect our code of conduct and learn how to participate in a community. Their teachers and dorm parents communicate openly, providing encouragement and guidance when needed.


Just like students may struggle to complete an academic assignment, they need practice to learn how to deal with interpersonal conflicts and choose health life habits. Every day on our campus, students learn how to disagree and ask questions respectfully, how to negotiate agreements, and how to handle volatile emotions. They start to "think" before they "act" -- keeping the consequences in mind.

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Executive functioning skills are of paramount importance. Every day, our students have opportunities to plan for their day, manage time effectively, and break complex projects into discrete, sequential steps.



Part of being in the Bachman community is the opportunity to participate in special celebrations and traditions. Every year, we enjoy activities such as:

- Weekend field trips to museums, nature parks, historical sites, and other attractions

- Student and staff bocce ball tournament

- Parents Weekend

- Hot cider and cookies day

- Halloween costume party

- Fall retreat to places such as Washington, D.C. or Orlando

- Thanksgiving lunch with Bachman neighbors and friends

- Christmas lunch

- Student and staff bowling tournament

- Fundraiser pancake breakfast

- Spring community service projects

- Festive themed lunches celebrating Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, and Easter

- Annual prom

- Senior speeches and "stepping up" ceremony

Please read on for more details of how STUDENT LIFE at Bachman Academy translates into SUCCESSFUL LIFE for our graduates!

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