Overview of Campus Life At Bachman Academy


Bachman Academy is located on 188-acres of beautiful rolling hills and country farmland in East Tennessee. A highlight of the campus is the equestrian program with more than 15 horses available to ride on the several miles of beautiful wooded trails traversing the acreage. There is also a pavilion centrally located on campus and adjacent to it are a tennis court, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a full-size, in-ground swimming pool. The campus also boasts a lake, suitable for canoeing, swimming, and fishing.

In an effort to create a well-rounded residential program, a variety of activities are implemented on a regular basis. Current students are encouraged to offer their ideas and suggestions to their student council representatives for additional activity ideas.

Evening and weekend programs include: special weeknight activities, monthly programs in each dorm, and weekend activities that include on-campus and off-campus options.


Sample Residential Schedule

Week Day Schedule
6:00 AM Wake up
6:30 AM Clean room and dorm chores
7:30 AM Breakfast
7:55 AM—4:00 PM Academic Day
4:00 PM Meet dorm parents in chapel
4:15 PM After-school activities/homework
5:00 PM Dinner
5:30 PM Recreation Time
8:00 PM Down Time
9:30 PM Prepare for bed
9:00 PM Lights Out

Saturday/Sunday Schedule
(specific activities to be determined)
9:00 AM Breakfast
10:30 AM Activity Off Campus
12:00 PM Lunch
5:00 PM Dinner
5:30 PM Free time/Activity
9:00 PM Lights out



For more information about our Residential Program contact:

Nathan Carter
Interim Dean of Students (Contact)

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