At Bachman Academy, we know that good physical health is important for our students. We want them to thrive in body, mind, and spirit. Research from the CDC confirms that physical activity has a positive "impact on cognitive skills and academic behavior, all of which are important components of improved academic performance."

Therefore, we offer SPORTS ACTIVITIES, FITNESS CENTER, and OUTDOOR RECREATION. We have a full-time ON-SITE NURSE who provides medication management and we

llness education.  We promote HEALTHY EATING HABITS in our cafeteria. We also offer both GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING.  

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We offer a number of individual and group sports on our campus, including:

- Intramural sports

- 3-on-3 basketball

- Bocce ball

- Ultimate frisbee

- Soccer

- Cross-country

- Bowling

Bachman fields competitive bowling and cross-country teams. Students who would like to participate in other group sports, such as football, baseball, or volleyball, may do so through our T.S.S.A.A. partnership with a local public school.



We offer a campus fitness facility with bikes, treadmills, and strength-training equipment. Our gymnasium is open for students wanting to practice free throws or lay-ups.  Students also get exercise by walking to the different classroom buildings, which are spread out over our campus.


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Our spacious campus in the rolling hills of Tennessee offers walking trails, a lake for canoeing or fishing, horses for recreational riding, a swimming pool, and a volleyball court.



Ms. Janel Bradley, our long-time staff nurse, gets to know all of our students

and their families well. Ms. Bradley treats our students for any minor illnesses or injuries. She accompanies our students to any medical appointments, whether for routine checkups or in response to a health issue. Our nurse manages all medications, dispensing them to students at the prescribed times. She also keeps careful notes of any how each student is tolerating the dosage and whether there are any significant side effects.


Nurse Bradley and our dorm parents work in conjunction to teach and reinforce healthy habits. Ms. Bradley educates the students about issues such as blood pressure, BMI, pre-diabetes and how diet and exercise can help them keep their bodies strong and healthy. During evenings and weekends, our dorm parents lead by example, encouraging everyone to stay active by walking, running, visiting the fitness center, and participating in outdoor games. 



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Ms. Alice McDaniel and her Sodexo staff make sure we have delicious, nutritious meals on campus. In addition to the eggs, pancakes, or bacon served, the breakfast buffet offers up oatmeal, yogurt, and fresh fruit. During lunch, the salad bar is always open with numerous, rotating items. We restrict sugary sodas and offer low-fat milk. Lately, our culinary staff has been increasing the nutritional value of our meals by making healthier substitutions, such as serving roasted vegetables instead of pasta and replacing refined white rice with brown.



We realize that a number of our students struggle with depression, anxiety, OCD, or other mental health issues.  We offer both individual and group therapy so that students have a safe place to air their concerns and work through emotional issues. The licensed counselors on our campus have extensive experience in working with children, teens, and young adults.

Almost every student on campus can benefit from talking to one of our counselors about challenges such as how to handle life changes and how to make positive plans for the future. A dorm parent, or the Dean of Students, is always available for an informal counseling session. These conversations can take place in the Dean's office or even during a walk on campus.  Some "typical" schools may not have much 

tolerance for students who become easily frustrated or discouraged, but at Bachman we are committed to coaching our students to work through their difficulties.







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