Why Give?

Every gift to Bachman Academy helps us to transform the lives of students and their families.  Your gift, whether large or small, signifies that you believe our writing a checkmission is a worthy one.  Your confidence is well placed.  We endeavor to be excellent stewards of all of our gifts.
Your giving can also make a difference for you in tax benefits and the benefit of seeing your gift making a difference. Giving to Bachman Academy is one way to ensure that your gift will always come back to you.


  1. Make and Annual Fund Gift every year.  GIVE NOW
  2. Become a Lupton Heritage Society Member by including Bachman Academy in your estate plans.
  3. Help future students afford tuition.  Give to the Legg Up Scholarship Fund.
  4. For Alumni, reconnect and keep your contact information up to date.
  5. Display Bachman by wearing Bachman Academy clothing and displaying Bachman items.
  6. Connect with us via social media.
  7. Email a former teacher and tell how your life was changed for the better.
  8. Volunteer and an individual or group.
  9. Visit campus!
  10. Be an ambassador for Bachman Academy.  Keep the school in your conversations!

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